MBA – Volume 3 – Issue 2


It’s the 10th issue ! We have completed philosophically a “decade” ie 10 Golden E Articles of writing and publishing.  This Journey would not have been complete without your love and support. To celebrate in our own style this 10th issue we have lined a array of articles which are as diverse as the culture of India and as beautiful as the landscape of India !  Somehwere I had read the golden lines that “Clothing gives a unique power” to oneself …How true are these words when one sees this in perspective of dress to wear in our daily business life and finally how we neglect same.  Similarly ERM Enterprise Risk Management is a very little studied or spoken topic..we have tried to give a brief synopsis on same. Micro finance which is presently one of the most discussed agenda of the present government is been looked into, as banking needs of vast majority of people are still not met in present times and there is a huge Gap in same. If we discuss Micro finance which pertains to Rural banking can Retail banking be behind!

Regulatory risk is also a topic which is hardly discussed in today’s time. GST the mother of all solutions to Indian Taxation woes is been looked into as the Government pushes its legislation in parliament , and so is Sustainibility and the overall Corporate world and its importance.

I’m sure you will love reading all this articles and enrich yourself. We have always kept our articles short and hopefully sweet for you to ensure it catches your hundred percent attention.

Last but not the least on this occasion of 10th issue we pay our love at the lotus feet of our mentor and guide Dr Aniruddha Joshi without whose guidance and persistence this Journey would not be possible – We love you Sir .


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