MBA – Volume 3 – Issue 4


Its a Dozen Issues! 12th Issue of our Journal, and we celebrate same with some diverse Topics. First on our plate is most important topic which we hope to continue in next few series – Human resources. A topic which is seldom discussed but most important when we hear our honourable Prime Minister speak on India becoming the Skill capital of the world. Then there is corporate Governance, an important function in our daily corporate structure today which is always not on limelight. All newspapers today talk of startup culture, we discuss same in a different light, Entraprenueurship Versus Intrapreneurship, then there is Innovation of management by a New reputed Author in our fold, and lastly Outsourcing something whose debate never ends. And if that was not enough a topic on government securities will enlighten you on the financial aspects of Finance. I’m sure you will enjoy our Buffet of selected dishes if you might permit me for this issue.


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