MBA – Volume 4 – Issue 2


Hope all of you are fine , and waiting for Monsoon to drench You all. However before Monsoon rains really pick up , lets drench ourselves in some exciting articles to refresh enhance our Skills . This issue has some exciting articles on Life lessons from Ancient Indian mythology , how it impacts us in todays context , Human resources again has been discussed from a career perspective , Believe me HR will be the Key Engine of growth in times to come for every company across the Globe , Basics of finance esp if you are from a Non Finance background , and most loved but least recognized that is how to Work better in todays mad world .

I’m sure this diverse portfolio of articles will interest you all , its been always our endeavor to present a
diverse basket of articles so that you can enhance your skill overall for tomorrows world .
Wishing you all a safe monsoon , take care , drive carefully . Good bye.


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