MBA – Volume 4 – Issue 3


Greetings to all the readers. Recent newspaper articles states that Some well known names in IT and other sphere downsizing work force – job security indeed is archaic now. In this context Human Resource as we have stated in our articles earlier also is becoming all important in work place. However all is not lost -healthcare sector continues to boom and provides opportunities galore , Lastly its time to start some discipline in this uncertain world in savings for a Rainy day tomorrow – financial planning.

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One thought on “MBA – Volume 4 – Issue 3

  1. Topics covered in this volume are very important, especially job satisfaction & about organisational behaviour and planning for golden / old age period. It’s explained well in understanding simpler ways. These informative articles help bring out positive change in concen individuals. I liked all the topics. Thanks to all the authors, All the best…!

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