MBA – Volume 4 – Issue 4


Indian Spirituality is a big source of Knowledge and Treasure house of learning new things which is so applicable in today’s world . Lord Krishna and his Actions are some of the best management and life lessons of work …which if applied and studied can help us in our daily life . Divergent thinking is very much required if we are to think out of the box and do multitasking . In all we do in todays fast pace life do we press the “Pause” button . I guess no . Mostly life is on fast forward mode or delete mode . Its imp to pause and introspect what went right and what went wrong and what can we learn from our experiences …and lastly as we grow one more year older age wise Financial planning is becoming more imperative for the rainy day ahead ..all these topics have been covered in these edition .

I’m sure you will love reading them and share them like always with others …Best wishes and happy reading…


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